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Cathodic protection

Buried or submerged steel structures (pipelines, reservoirs, piles, sheet piling, etc.) are the seat of electrochemical corrosion whose consequences can be dramatic (leaks of dangerous products, structural subsidence).

Cathodic Protection enables this corrosion phenomenon to be significantly reduced.

We provide our customers with a complete service in this area:

  • Study and dimensioning of cathodic protection systems by electrical drainage or sacrificial anodes.
  • Equipment supply: transformers-rectifiers (Technipipe manufacture), anodes, insulating joints.
  • Installation, commissioning and installation tests.
  • Periodic inspections and maintenance
  • Inspection of pipeline coverings: direct current voltage gradient (DCVG) or voltage profile (CIPS) methods.

The work is carried out by CEFRACOR/AFNOR certified personnel (according to standard NFA05-691), level 1 and 2.